Registered Name: CSARN

Business Number: 805886603RR0001

CSARN - Making Experience Count - Supporting Senior Artists

CSARN was created to protect and preserve a precious resource: the accumulated talent and artistry of Canada’s older professional artists. 

Artists don’t retire. Their creative juices don’t shut off at 65, 75, or 85. Their art doesn't diminish with age. Nor does their contribution to our culture.  

But age does present challenges.  There are fewer roles for musicians or actors. Few qualify for a pension or RRSP. Health, family, and living issues make it difficult to practice their art. 

We provide assistance through our Mentorship Program, which supplements senior artists' income as they share their expertise and artistry with future generations. We host an annual conference, "Maintaining Creativity." We provide seminars on financial, legacy, intellectual property, and copyright issues. We facilitate "CSARN Salons," regular neighbourhood gatherings of senior artists in their communities. And we act as a referral service to other service associations.

What People Are Saying

"Artists are the mirrors of our society. As we age we have much to contribute in knowledge, experience and creative ways to move forward. CSARN [is] invaluable in their support of all aspects of Senior Artists' lives ."

— Maria Heidler-Bell, Artist

"CSARN speaks for those who have reached the age of easy-to-overlook-or-ignore! THANK YOU. "

— Susan Davidson, Artist

"CSARN is becoming an essential hub for senior artists of all stripes. Through an inventive strategy of conferences, workshops, referrals, newsletters, mentorships and an openness to other opportunities for outreach, it can become a pivotal organisation for 'artists in their prime', "

— Paul Walty, Artist

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