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Cumberland Community Forest Society

Registered Name: Cumberland Community Forest Society

Business No: 888950219RR0001

A grassroots community organization purchasing & protecting privately owned watersheds in the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island.

Cumberland Community Forest Society


Our Mission

To preserve and protect threatened watershed, forests, wetlands and ecosystems surrounding the Village of Cumberland in the Puntledge and Trent Watersheds on Vancouver Island.

About Us

The Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS) is dedicated to protecting threatened forest lands surrounding the historic Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island. This lush closed canopy forest is a rich ecosystem filled with diverse plants and animals, community trails, heritage landmarks and more. The Cumberland Forest is a much beloved forest and an integral part of our community enjoyed by families, hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, runners, photographers and more.

The Cumberland Forest is also part of an important habitat corridor that runs from Comox Lake right to the Salish Sea. The community of Cumberland has been working to purchase these privately held forest lands since 2000 to save them from destruction. 

In June of 2016 the CCFS successfully purchased another 40 Ha of land to add to 72 ha purchased in 2005 and now designated as a protected nature park. On September 1st 2020 we completed the purchase of another 90.6 hectare parcel along Perseverance Creek! This area contains trails including Bronco's Perseverance, Hai Gai, China Creek and the Japanese #1 Townsite. It is also an integral part of the Comox Lake Watershed, the drinking water supply for over 45,000 Comox Valley residents.

Together these protected areas form the "Cumberland Community Forest". But we're not done yet! The Cumberland Community Forest Society is moving forward with 3 major initiatives

1. Land Protection: identifying additional parcels of land for purchase and/or protection to connect with the existing protected areas.

2. Restoration: restoring trail erosion and braiding, abandoned infrastructure, creek systems and terrestrial and aquatic habitat.

3. Biodiversity: protection of species at risk, invasive species inventory and control, public education initiatives (like the Cumberland Bat Project) and K-9 outdoor education curriculum. 

Please join us today! One time donors, sustaining donors and business partnerships are all critical to our success. Sign up through or contact us today to find out more!


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