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Increasing Access to Good Healthy Food

In March, the Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS), Weird Church and the Village of Cumberland worked together to establish the CUMBERLAND FOOD SHARE. This new program includes both a permanent Food Shed and weekly deliveries of Healthy Food Boxes to Cumberland families and individuals. When schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 51 students lost access to regular subsidized meals. The broader community also faced food insecurity, due to loss of income and other circumstances. The Cumberland Food Share is making sure that everyone in our community has good, fresh foods on their plates. 

Our HEALTHY FOOD PROGRAM provides breakfast, lunch and snacks to students in grades K to 9 at Cumberland Community School. Our goal is to increase access to healthful foods, which leads to better eating habits and positive health outcomes for participants. From September 2019 to March 2020 we served 19,076 meals and 16% of these were subsidized. 

Interested in supporting our goal of ensuring everyone in our community has access to healthy food? Make a one time contribution or become a CCSS Monthly Donor.

Our goal is to build a monthly donor program that ensures the sustainability of our programs. Consistent sources of revenue help us to better plan ahead and invest in long term solutions that meet the needs of our growing community. 

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About the Cumberland Community Schools Society 

The Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS) exists to facilitate community wellbeing through partnerships and collaborative use of school and community resources. 

This is accomplished through the provision of inclusive and equitable programming including:

  • A Healthy Food Program
  • The Cumberland Food Share
  • Free After-School Activities
  • Drop-in Youth Centre
  • Adult education and support services.

Through subsidies and affordable program fees, our offerings are made accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background. CCSS aims to recognize and respond to identified community needs, and provide residents of all ages with the support they need to live healthy lives.

This August marks the 20 year anniversary of CCSS. We look forward to many more years of serving our community. 


I have a student who struggles with social connection and focus. Since introducing him to the CCSS Healthy Food Program he’s been able to join a group of peers, eat together and chat together. I see this student benefiting not only from the nutrition that the food provides, but also from the community and connection that comes from eating together”.

- Testimonial from a Teacher at Cumberland Community School 

 “CCSS does a great job of supporting our youth and community. I am so  thankful my child gets benefit from what CCSS offers. With all my heart, thank you!” 

- Testimonial from a Parent

“Thank you for the weekly delivery of a food hamper. For this, I am eternally grateful and I am crying tears of joy right now.  What you have done for the members of this community during this time, is so greatly appreciated. I have been saying that Cumberland needs another food bank, since the old one closed, especially for people like me who no longer drive and have health issues.  I hope that this time in history ends sooner than later and that after this is over, your work with hampers and a community food bank continues, as it means so much to me and others in our Village.”

- Testimonial from a Food Share participant


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