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  The society was founded in 2002 at which time they also received charitable tax status from the Canadian Revenue Agency.  The team that created the society has been active in Palliative Care since 1989.  The Society has provided direct support to individuals who were, and are, in need of equipment, medication, training, reference materials, transportation and nutritional supplements.  They worked closely with the Cumberland Health Care Foundation to provide integrated support for the Palliative Care Program in Cumberland County.  The team initiated the Hospice project in June of 2014

 The Cumberland County Hospice is a major project of the Cumberland County Hospice Palliative Care Society.

The Hospice project was formally organized as a formal committee of the Society in January, 2015.  A Steering Committee of interested community members was struck with operational teams being developed.  The current  efforts of the teams have resulted in: a strategic plan being created, eight  community information sessions being completed resulting in 500 paid members of the society, the development of a feasibility study being completed that supports the creation of the Hospice, a draft design of the building and a communication plan for broader community consultation and social media.   

What we want to do is:

  • Build 5 to 7 bed facility as per feasibility study.
  • Operate as a locally funded organization in partnership with community groups, partners and stake holders, including:Cumberland County Palliative Care Program, VON, Cumberland County Mental Health services, Local ministerial association, Nova Scotia Continuing Care.
  • Provide volunteer support and activity for Hospice based palliative care.
  • Provide a community, family, and personal focus, on support for end of life care.
  • Follow existing protocols and standards of care for hospice palliative care.
  • Provide professional staff responsible for the care of individuals at the Hospice.

Principles for operation:

  • The Hospice is a place of Care and Support at the end of Life. Hospice does not provide acute care as delivered in acute care centers.
  • Hospice services are viewed as a part of a continuum of care; from diagnosis to the initiation of palliative care. We support the final care for those individuals who wish to die outside of the hospital setting.
  • Individuals may choose to stay at home with support from the Cumberland County Palliative Care Program or to choose the services at the Hospice

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