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The Gift of Education

Registered Name: Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan Inc. / Femmes canadiennes pour les femmes en afghanistan inc.

Business No: 887718203RR0001

The Gift of Education

Afghanistan is the only country in the world that bans secondary education for girls. The Taliban regime prohibits girls from attending school past the age of twelve. Further, many women, girls, and their families are internally displaced, and cannot access schools even at the primary level, a problem similarly facing many undocumented Afghans who fled to countries in the region.

At CW4WAfghan, we envision a world where Afghan girls and women are free to pursue education as a basic human right.

A dedicated and skilled team of staff in Afghanistan and in Canada manage programs in the following areas: 1) Technology for Education; 2) Investing in Basic Education; 3) Community & Family Literacy; 4) Advocacy & Public Policy Dialogue; 5) Public Engagement; 6) Grants & Scholarships; and 7) Resettlement Supporting At-Risk Afghans.

All CW4WAfghan programs are developed with the goal to increase access to quality education for Afghan women and girls as a pathway toward their empowerment. 

We invite you to be part of the movement to ensure education remains accessible to all Afghan women, girls, and their families. Join us in demonstrating how the collective efforts of Canadians can break down the walls built by totalitarians.

CW4WAfghan remains committed to the people of Afghanistan and we will continue to support them in this dark moment for the cause of Afghan democracy, human rights and freedom to pursue education. Together, not only will we navigate through the darkness, we will play a part in overcoming it. Thank you for being with us!

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