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Ring in the New Year With Peace and Compassion

Campaign Ends Feb. 14, 2020

Ring in the New Year With Peace and Compassion

As our way of Ringing in the New Year, the Dalai Lama Center offers you the gift of Sound Healing! Check out our Ring in the New Year video featuring Sound Healer Farhad Khan to cultivate a mindful moment of peace through the benefits of sound, right at your fingertips.

AND.....when you sign up to become a Heart-Mind Supporter with a monthly donation of $25 or greater, we will send you a gift of your own Tibetan singing bowl as an expression of our deep gratitude for your ongoing support! Availability is limited, so be among the first 200 to sign up as we celebrate our new Monthly Heart-Mind Supporters with this unique offering. (Don't forget to select the "Monthly Donation" option below, and provide us with your mailing address in the message box, so that we can send your singing bowl to you). 

Your monthly donation of $25 will benefit 114 children throughout the year with a heart-centred, social and emotional approach to their learning and well-being which will shape their life for the good, and reverberate through generations. 

This year, to commemorate the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education's 14th Anniversary and in honour of our cofounder the 14th Dalai Lama, we aim to raise $14,000 by February 14th in order to deepen our shared capacity to educate children's hearts in 2020. Your support will make this happen!

You can be part of a legacy of systemic change towards peace and compassion within our schools, homes, and communities through your generousity. Through our ongoing programs, community workshops, and annual Heart-Mind conference that engage educators, caregivers, healthcare professionals, parents, and policy makers with evidence-informed skills, knowledge, and practices, together we focus on developing heart-mind well-being in children and youth.

Enter the New Year by spreading and receiving this ongoing gift of loving kindness! 

With gratitude, 

The Dalai Lama Center

*Shipping times may vary, and quantities are limited to one per donor. Regular shipping services will be used rather than registered mail, therefore delivery outside North America cannot be guaranteed. Email info@dalailamacenter.org with any inquiries.

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