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Dancer Transition Resource Centre

Unlike many occupational trajectories, individuals pursuing a unique career challenges. Contractual commitments are predominantly short and frequently part-time. As high-performance athletes, dancers also face an unusually high-risk career-ending injury. According to a national survey of professional dancers in Canada [1] , annual earnings average $ 18,000 per annum and 88% of professional performing careers end by the age of 40. At an age when most professionals are reaching a peak in their careers and socioeconomic Status, It is not unusual for a dancer's career to end abruptly, leaving psychological and financial hardship in its wake.

Founded in 1985, the Dancer Transition Resource Center (DTRC) is a national, not-for-profit charitable organization mandated to help dancers make necessary transitions into, within and from professional performing careers. As the only Canadian organization that addresses the specific transition-based needs of professional dancers, the DTRC supports the dancer and their immediate needs while simultaneously building their capacity for the future. The DTRC's programs and services are designed to:

  1. Create awareness of the breadth and scope of dance career possibilities;
  2. Provide the resources, information, and networking opportunities needed to make a successful transition into the profession;
  3. Provide the practical and emotional support necessary to manage the demands of the profession; And
  4. Vocational guidance and counseling in the field of transitional counseling.

The DTRC has provided more than 10,000 dancers with vital career development support.

"We know of no other occupation that requires such extensive training, which is held in such esteem as a contribution to culture, and country so little ... In the long run, the vitality of dance activity itself requires attention to the welfare of those The Inadequacy of Transition ", in which he wrote:" The inadequacy of transition in the form of a social capital. "

Making Changes: Facilitating the Transition of Dancers to Post-Performance Careers:  William Baumol (New York University & Princeton University, USA); Joan Jeffri (Columbia University, USA); David Throsby (Macquarie University, AUS)

[1] A Profile of Professional Dancers in Canada , Kelly Hill, Hill Strategies Research Incorporated. Toronto 2005

Photo: Simone Orlando by David Cooper

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