Dare to Care

Registered Name: Dare to Care Bully Prevention & Life Skills Inc.

Business Number: 834066177RR0001


Dare to Care was founded in 1999 because of a need to address the pervasive and crippling issue of bullying and mental illness that continues to affect children, youth, and adults to this day.  Dare to Care was created with the understanding that bullying and mental health is a societal issue and that if we are to have any impact, all stakeholders within a school, community or workplace must be involved in creating a climate of change. Since 1999, Dare to Care has delivered three flagship programs:

1) Innovative and age-appropriate workshops and forums for kindergarten through grade 9, sports teams, youth groups,etc.

2) Support and education for parents.

3) Extensive Professional Development for teachers, principals, coaches, officials, and the workplace.

By providing the tools and support that help children, youth, and adults recognize the signs of bullying and other challenging behaviours, Dare to Care has mobilized communities to take action against these issues. We believe that ALL individuals have the right to feel safe, welcome, and included in their school, community, and workplace. 

What People Are Saying

"In twenty years of teaching, I've never experienced a more practical and comprehensive program for schools""

— Principal, Battle River School Division. Saskatchewan

"I have never seen a group of 500 students be as attentive as they were today for the Dare to Care student day. When I walked out of the school I was excited that these students got to hear your message and as a parent and former teacher, I walked away with affirmations and new knowledge" "

— Parent, St. Edmund School, Montreal

"I just want to send you a personal note of thanks for everything you do for our schools and for our communities. I can't tell you how much positive feedback we hear after Dare to Care has been on of our schools"

— School Trustee, Peace Wapiti School Division, Grande Prairie

"Dare to Care was at my school yesterday and it really caused me to think about how I was acting and how I was treating people in my school. It was a life-changing day for many of us"

— Grade 6 Student, Belvidere Parkway School, Calgary

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