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The Welcoming Centre at Darts Hill Garden


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The Welcoming Centre at Darts Hill Garden

The Welcoming Centre at Darts Hill Garden Park will elevate visitor experience to the Darts Hill Garden.  While creating a visual focus at the main garden entry, it will provide much needed space for educational programing.  

Designed by Public Architecture, the flexibility and strength of this design is evident in the multitude of amenities this building would provide:

 Enhanced Washroom Facilities,

  • Ticketing and reception,
  • Covered and open outdoor meeting space (for future programing),
  • Interpretive education opportunities,
  • A small indoor meeting space,
  • And housing for garden utilities.

 Following the vision of Francisca and Edwin Darts, Darts Hill Garden provides a unique opportunity for residents of the City of Surrey and visitors to explore and learn about rare and unusual plants.  The Welcoming Centre at Darts Hill Garden will support both the Society and the city's  educational objectives by providing programing for large tours, school groups and other groups.