Business Number: 118883289RR0001

Daysland Hospital Foundation is a registered charitable foundation established in 1985.  Its purpose is to enhance and broaden the scope of health care for the people of Daysland and surrounding communities as well as those using its facilities. 

Who Benefits?

Patients and staff as well as everyone whose health needs are met by the clinic and hospital.

Fund Allocation.

  Funds raised by the foundation are used to purchase special equipment, services and education for the Daysland Health Centre  above and beyond what routine government funding will allow. We also help with physician recruitment. In response to the needs of medical staff a  4 physician,  5,300sq.ft. clinic was built and equipped with state of the art medical equipment .

How will your gift be used?

Your gift may be used to purchase new equipment, replace outdated technology, or to upgrade existing equipment.  This is critical to smaller facilities when resources are limited.  It is also imperative to keep staff and physicians up to date as new technologies and procedures become available. Therefore, education programs for patients, staff and physicians and the general public are also part of the mandate.

The foundation's viability depends on the support of the community and it is important that health care dollars are spent wisely in order to sustain this system. 

If you have a special intention for the use of your funds, this can be designated with your contribution. Otherwise, the foundation will use its discretion to put your funds to the best possible use, perhaps on a current project of need.

An example of previous purchases are electric beds that are height adjustable for patient safety and comfort, patient overhead lifts,  extra intravenous pumps, a new medication cart and furnishings for a palliative care room to provide additional comfort and nutritional services to accommodate family and friends that are visiting.

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