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Deep River Long-Term Care Home Expansion


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Deep River Long-Term Care Home Expansion

The Deep River and District Hospital (DRDH) is issuing a Call to Care for the Community to help build a new, state of the art Long-Term Care Home in Deep River.

Help us Care for our Community, Close to Home

Community, connections, and care close to home are critical at every stage of life, but even more so as we age or need more complex medical care. Due to a lack of long-term care beds in North Renfrew, including Deep River and Petawawa, residents in need of long-term care services often need to leave their home community, friends, and family to receive care.

We all want to remain connected to our community. The connection and sense of home becomes even more important when we need help, have medical challenges, or as we age. The Deep River and District Hospital has committed to supporting construction of the new, state-of-the-art long-term care home to offer more residents the ability to continue living in the comfort of their community, close to their loved ones.

This expansion project will include a redevelopment of the 10-bed current long-term care home, integrated within the Deep River and District Hospital, into a new 96-bed facility. The facility will be next to the current hospital, and will continue to have integrated services and supports that provide easy access for residents, families, and patients in one central location. Construction of the new and expanded Home is aimed to begin in 2022, to be completed over three years when it will be opened to new residents. The design will reflect updated standards and best practices for infection control and technology, while providing a modern, people-first model in a home-like environment. The new development will provide a home for people to not only receive the care they need close to their community and loved ones, but to truly live.


In 2018, a needs analysis and business case demonstrated the negatively disproportional access to long-term care services in North Renfrew, as well as the substantial current and future need for these critical services. In 2019, the Ministry of Long-Term Care put out a call for applications to develop long-term care beds, to which the Deep River and District Hospital responded. The allocation of 86 new bed licenses in Deep River was announced in March 2021, to support redevelopment of the existing 10 beds and new development for a total development of a new 96-bed Long-Term Care Home. 

The total cost of the redevelopment project is estimated to be $29.2 million. $25.2 million will be borrowed by Deep River and District Hospital, and repaid over 25 years through the construction funding subsidy from the Ministry of Long-Term Care and DRDH operating funds.

Call for Support:

The Deep River and District Hospital has made a commitment of raising a crucial $1-million for the Long-Term Care Home Development project.

Funds raised will support customizing the home to meet our current and future resident and community needs, as well as purchasing needed equipment and supports for the home that will benefit and improve the lives of the residents for years to come.

Donations to support the launch of the $1 million dollar fundraising campaign are gratefully welcomed from individuals, families, businesses, financial institutions, charitable foundations, service clubs, the general community, and members of the Deep River and District Hospital family (medical staff, board members, employees and volunteers).

About Us:

The Deep River and District Hospital is dedicated to providing excellent, compassionate care for our community across their entire lives. We provide coordinated and integrated care from birth to end of life, in our Family Health Team, our Emergency Department, Inpatient Unit, Diagnostics, Ambulatory Care, and Long-Term Care Home. Our patients come from Deux Rivieres, Deep River, Chalk River, Petawawa, Pembroke and beyond. Many of our patients are our friends, family, and neighbours – which helps us to live our mission to care for everyone like a loved one, within an integrated health system.

We are dedicated to ensuring our community has the best care close to home. We provide one central location for our community to access primary care, emergency care, early screening, diagnostics, life-saving treatment, and inpatient services, without the added stress of travelling out of town. Our vision is to ensure for every person that walks through our doors, we provide an excellent, compassionate health care experience, every time.