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Business Number: 886044999RR0001

Our Mission

The Democracy Education Network (DEN) is one of Canada's leading civics education organizations. Since 1993, DEN has worked people and organizations across Canada to increase the knowledge and skills of Canadians so they can effectively participate in government and big business decision-making processes.

The objectives of DEN are:

* To undertake research into the institutional processes of Canadian governments and businesses, and into effective democratic decision-making processes;

* To train people in the skills of participating in these processes, and governments and corporations in how to use these processes; and

* To develop and disseminate civic educational materials for various age groups.

When you click on "Make Donation" you will see that DEN also has a specific Government Accountability Fund and a specific Corporate Responsibility Fund to fund research and educational initiatives on how governments and big businesses work in Canada.

DEN also has a Fund to support its voter turnout initiative.

You can donate to DEN's general research and civics education programs, or to one of the funds.

About Democracy Education Network (

The Democracy Education Network (DEN) coordinates educational programs that teach Canadians how to be effective advocates for their concerns as participants in government and big business decision-making processes.

DEN is a registered research and education charity incorporated federally in September 1993 (Charitable Registration Number 88604 4999 RR 0001).

DEN also teaches governments how to engage Canadians in meaningful and respectful ways when making decisions or policy changes.

DEN is non-partisan and supported by donations from Canadians and grants from foundations.

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