Developing Scholars: Supporting Education in Developing Countries

Registered Name: Developing Scholars: Supporting Education in Developing Countries Inc.

Business Number: 809647159RR0001

Our Mission

We make available educational opportunities in rural areas of Guatemala so that people living in poverty can attend school, receive quality instruction, and obtain the skills they need to improve their lives.

All of our administrative,accounting and fund-raising activities are provided by the c0-founder, John Eby,on a volunteer basis. Our Board of Directors provide guidance and oversight and are also significant donors to the charity.

We carry out our mission through our agents in Guatemala,who are responsible for identifying opportunities consistent with our mission, making arrangements with the local communities,monitoring the programs through regularly scheduled visits,and assessing the impact of the programs and suggesting improvements. The co-founder owns a house and resides in Antigua Guatemala for several months a year and monitors the programs and situation in Guatemala to ensure that our programs are effectively supervised with effective financial controls and follow-up.

Our agents are associated with a US and Guatemalan registered charity, CasaSito, that has a similar philosophy and mission to ours. CasaSito has the resources and staff and experience in operating a range of successful educational programs in Guatemala.By piggy-backing on their resources, Developing Scholars is able to operate with much greater effectiveness that if were operating on our own. This allows us to be a small grass-roots charity that is capable at delivering quality programs with very low overheads.

These programs are identified and supported by the local communities in which they operate.The individuals,their families and communities all contribute themselves to these programs with Developing Scholars tipping the financial balance to allow these children to improve their life through an education that they could not otherwise afford.

We deliver quality programs that make a direct impact to these student's lives, within our limited resources -a big "bang for the buck" !

About Developing Scholars: Supporting Education in Developing Countries

Developing Scholars is a registered Canadian charity that provides opportunities for Guatemalan children living in poor and rural areas of their country to attend school and other educational opportunities that they and their families could not otherwise afford.

Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the Americas and the rural areas are particularly poor.

In a few selected communities, we work with community leaders and our local representatives to identify and support educational projects of various kinds.We have successfully started a middle school (Samox), where school previously ended at the elementary level,which has now been funded by the government.In the community of La Primavera, we started a high school ,providing teacher salaries, academic material and supplies, as well as training workshops. We also provide individual scholarships to 30 academically qualified students at the high school and university level,assisting them in reaching their academic goals.

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