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Cyclone Idai

Caritas Canada is responding through the international Caritas network, as follows:

Caritas Mozambique:Cyclone Idai damaged 90% of Beira's infrastructure, the second largest port city in Mozambique. In response, Caritas Beira is procuring food aid and tarps for survivors.

In the coming months, 5,497 households will gain access to basic hygiene, sanitation and shelter supplies and services in the dioceses of Beira, Chimoio and Quelimane.

Caritas Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe is in a state of disaster. Cyclone Idai is recorded as one of the worst and most intense tropical storms and has severely damaged the eastern part of the country. The destruction left by the cyclone includes uprooted trees, destroyed homes, livestock, and crops. The storm severely damaged essential infrastructure including roads, telecommunications, water and sanitation services as well as a large number of schools. Consequently, there is heightened risk of water-borne diseases and increased protection risks particularly for women and children. According to RDC Chimanimani and Caritas Mutare, 300 people have died, 218 have been injured and 17,000 households are affected, with over 100,000 people displaced by the storm.

Caritas response:

- Caritas Mutare has distributed food items to 100 displaced people who have taken refuge at a Roman Catholic Church hall in Ngangu.

- The organisation has already started conducting strategic activities, such as the collection of food and non-food items, and positioning a warehouse closer to the affected communities.

- The sectors of interventions are: logistics, shelter, food and nutrition aid, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and protection.

- Cash and in-kind donations from within the country through the Church structures and outside the country have been given to Caritas Mutare to assist the severely affected families