Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario


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Safety Items Needed

Safety items are day-to-day things that have a shorter lifespan in DSAO program delivery, such as:

  1. trailer jacks: two of the sailboat trailers have seized trailer jacks which need to be replaced, they are $136 ea. for a 2500 lb trailer jack, Princess Auto. Total need: $272.
  2. VHF radios: every year some get damaged or dropped in the water. It is an annual cost to replace radios. $180 ea, need 5, total need: $900
  3. Safety kits: all boats need to have a safety kit. Every year the whistles and flashlights are replaced. Periodically new safety kits are needed. $20 ea, total need: $180
  4. Paddles: a goal this year is to replace the current long paddles with telescoping paddles at $30 each - total need: $180.

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