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Sending supplies to Dominica (b/c of Hurricane Irma and Maria)

Campaign Ended Nov. 1, 2019

Disaster Aid Canada is sending a 40ft container full of supplies to Dominica. We will be doing this in partnership with Compassionate Resource Warehouse and many Rotary Clubs. We are working with a local Rotary group (The Rotary Club of Dominica) that will distribute the supplies to those that need them. We have been given a list of supplies to send these include, tents, tarps, ropes, tool kits, cooking supplies, blankets, water filtration systems, hygiene and miscellaneous items as asked. Some items we would like to purchase are generators, building supplies, flash lights/batteries, food items

This container will be loaded the week of Oct 18th. We will update our Facebook page and put out a newsletter.

Thank you for your support...thousands of people need our help.

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