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Soap Saves Lives - Communities need our help

Fear and uncertainty face our communities right now as we all combat COVID 19.The most susceptible are our elderly, our vulnerable and those that can not socially isolate. Shelters have shut down, businesses are closing their doors and supplies are in demand.

Soap for Hope Canada is providing hygiene amenities; especially soap, to our Community Facilities, mostly including isolated and low income senior facilities, Coalitions to help the homeless and remote Indigenous communities. We are also providing soap packages with a reminder to wash your hands to businesses still open.

Our transportation systems are secured and for the first time we are purchasing products to ensure that everyone gets the hygiene amenities they desperately need. Our doors are shut to the general public but our staff and core volunteers continue to work each day to make sure our communities get the products they need.

Soap saves lives!

We are in this together; each one of us has a social responsibility to act appropriately and socially isolate to prevent the wide spread of COVID 19. We ask you to make a donation to Soap for Hope so we can continue to purchase the products needed to keep our community healthy.

We appreciate your support and we are confident that Canadians will be generous at this time of need for all our citizen.

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