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Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

Update on Ukraine - February 2024

Daily, more and more Ukrainian children are traumatized by war, waking up from explosions and gunshots. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine creates immense difficulty and suffering, so we must unite to help those who need it most. Children are more vulnerable to the psychological trauma of war and need help to work through their grief. Schools became targets and many have been destroyed or damaged by heavy artillery.

Disaster Aid Canada supports the Rotary Club of Khariv Victory projects focused on Psychological Rehabilitation for Children in Ukraine. These humanitarian programs include access to specialists, education, rest, new friendships, and more support for kids affected by this ongoing war. These centers of rehabilitation are for children who have lost one or both parents and will help over 600 children. They are in response to multiple requests from our previously supported shelters for Internally Displaced People (IDPs).

Your help is greatly appreciated, please donate what you can to support these projects.

Update on Ukraine - January 2023

Ukraine's humanitarian crisis that began almost a year ago continues to wreak havoc on the region. The need for support is ongoing. 

We are updating our supporters this January 2023 to inform you of a new fundraising focus to support the victims of the Russian attack on Ukraine's electrical infrastructure.

Last year, thanks to your generosity, Disaster Aid Canada AC was able to send 50 Family Survival tents and 300 water purification units to Ukraine. Now, as the invasion there progresses, there are millions of people who are currently without power and are facing harsh winter conditions without heat or light. Imagine your home going without power for a few hours; or maybe for a couple of days. Some of these people have had no power for MONTHS. Their situation is becoming more dire by the day.

Our next goal is to raise enough money to purchase 25 gas-powered electrical generators for distribution in Ukraine. These generators will provide a vital source of energy, allowing people to heat and light their rooms.

In order to reduce shipping costs, the generators will be purchased in Europe. Reliable, well-established shipping and distribution contacts will allow us to deliver the generators directly to those in need. Our Disaster Aid International partners in Prague, DA Europe, will coordinate the delivery to a Rotary Club in Ukraine for local distribution. 

Your support is vital in helping us provide essential aid to those affected by this disaster. Please consider making a donation today to help bring warmth and light to those suffering in the dark.

We are deeply thankful for your continued support, and we urge you to give as generously as you can. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by this crisis.

Many thanks to those who continue to donate to this appeal. 

Update on Ukraine - March 2022

Over 2 million people have fled Ukraine, mostly women, children, and the elderly. Disaster Aid Canada continues to raise funds supporting the humanitarian needs in Ukraine. We have updates from the region and our partners:
We are applying funds raised towards the purchase of Sawyer water filters, purification equipment, needed desperately by victims of the crisis. The equipment is purchased in North America and delivered to Disaster Aid Europe in Prague.  The filters are then delivered to the Slovak/Ukrainian border and then to Uzhorod refugee centers. These filters are portable and can be carried by refugees as they move, ensuring them clean water wherever they go. The Sawyer filter is a low-cost all-in-one water filter ideal for providing emergency drinking water for a family for a year.
Disaster Aid USA has sent 1000 of these units already and Disaster Aid Australia has also committed funds to further the clean water initiative in the region.
Disaster Aid Europe additionally is setting up SkyHydrant MAX water filtration systems for Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and other neighboring countries. 
Disaster Aid UK & Ireland are also discussing support in the region and we will share updates as we receive them.
Many thanks to those that have already donated to this appeal.

Initial Ukraine Campaign Appeal

The crisis that is unfolding in Ukraine has escalated and has already shown the world that major humanitarian aid is needed in the region. The survivors are fleeing their homes, over 500,000 people, some heading to friends and family across Europe, and some entering refugee camps. The need for support is both immediate and ongoing. The escalation is happening so quickly that we have launched our appeal to support our ties in Europe and will keep our supporters informed as moves are made to aid those affected.

Disaster Aid Canada joins our Disaster Aid and International Partners; DA Europe, DA UK & Ireland, DA Australia, and DA USA to support European Rotary Leaders, Governments, and other NGOs in trying to establish what help is needed in Ukraine. DA Europe is loading their DA Trailer and coordinating items most needed in their Districts. The aimed emphasis will be on refugees and those that aren’t able to get aid by other means. Disaster Aid doesn’t claim to be politically motivated, only to help the survivors get through this man-made disaster.

At this stage, we ask you to do what you always do and trust us to act with our usual integrity, transparency, professionalism, and compassion as we come up with a plan to distribute resources that we know will be so generously provided by our donors.

Donated funds will go to support humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people.