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Morocco Earthquake Response


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Morocco Earthquake Response

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the High Atlas mountain range, 72 km southwest of Marrakesh, Morocco. This is the largest earthquake felt in the region in 120 years. Extensive damage has been reported with buildings collapsed and critical infrastructure severely damaged. The death toll has reached 2,500 and is rising. People are sheltering in the streets in fear of their homes collapsing. Families are in urgent need of shelter, food, and water. GlobalMedic is responding.

GlobalMedic has deployed our Rapid Response Team to Morocco to provide aid to affected residents. With our partners, GlobalMedic has set up a hot meal program that has hired local women to make meals for distribution to affected communities.
The Rapid Response Team traveled with four portable water purification systems to install in feeding centres and hospitals in affected areas. These water purifications systems have the capacity to provide clean drinking water to thousands of people daily.
GlobalMedic has made offers to deploy our RescUAV drone team and provide Family Emergency Kits. Our RescUAV drone team has the capability to assist in mapping out the extent of the damage and to provide search and rescue support. Our Family Emergency Kits have a household water purification unit, hygiene items and a portable solar light.
We will continue to assess the situation in the field and provide aid as needed. Please donate generously to help us support earthquake affected families in Morocco.