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Local community settlement support for Ukrainian war refugees coming to Canada


Business No: 118886365RR0001

Local community settlement support for Ukrainian war refugees coming to Canada

Canada remains steadfast in its commitment to welcome Ukrainians and their families and to provide a safe haven while the war continues in their home country. But their journey does not end when they enter Canada, and we are working to provide additional supports for Ukrainians once they arrive.

Local community settlement support through campaign charity funding contributions will be provided for Ukrainian war refugees coming to Canada. Extraordinary temporary measures will be aimed at supporting Ukrainians arriving under this special, accelerated temporary residence pathway. Key services that will be available to war refugee Ukrainians as they settle into their new communities may include:

  • language training
  • information about and orientation to life in Canada, such as help with enrolling children in school
  • information and services to help access the labour market, including mentoring, networking, counselling, skills development and training
  • activities that promote connections with communities
  • assessments of other needs Ukrainians may have and referrals to appropriate agencies
  • services targeted to the needs of youth, women and seniors
  • other settlement supports available through national, provincial and local municipal settlement programs

Canadians have been stepping up to help Ukrainians. Together, and with our partners, we will welcome Ukrainians into our communities and provide the supports they need to thrive, until they can safely return home!