Doane Uschool

Registered Name: Doane Uschool

Business Number: 810062372RR0001

  • In 2007, successful recording artist and Juno Award winner, Melanie Doane, volunteered to teach 8 students at her children’s elementary school. Self-financed for the first 7 years, Her teaching practice became so successful that – incorporated in 2014, and now a registered charity – Doane Uschool now oversees the weekly instruction of over 850 students in 55 classes throughout the full school year.
  • Subsidized teaching and material costs keep lessons at low or no cost. We fully subsidize the cost for 30% of our students, who could not otherwise afford the program.
  • Our instructors are music educators and professional musicians who lead group classes of 15-20 students for a full 30 weeks of the school year.
  • We provide students with musical training as well as life skills such as discipline, ensemble work, and the art of public presentation.
  • Beyond the classroom, we offer online practice lessons for support between weekly classes, school and school board consultation and performance opportunities.
  • All students participate in live performance in school concert settings, allowing students to develop discipline, confidence, and professionalism.

What People Are Saying

"Melanie Doane’s vision to train future music educators in Chalmers Doane’s Method and to expand the ukulele instrumental programs in Ontario addresses the dire need to make instrumental programs accessible to all young children, including those who may not have the means for private lessons. "

— Dr. Bina John, UofT Faculty of Music

"Isabelle could never get herself to perform in front of others ... until she entered USchool. Instead of feeling left out, she feels fully involved. The teachers have acknowledged her accomplishments, and she has received praise from classmates. I'm so glad that USchool entered our lives!"

— Judy, Parent of Isabelle, Age 10

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