Registered Name: Lumacare Services

Business Number: 107034134RR0001

Lumacare Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund

Lumacare provides a diverse range of programs and services to older adults and their families in the North York community.  These programs range from social gatherings to essential programs and services that are the lifeline to our vulnerable community aging independently at home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to make the difficult decision to close all Lumacare non essential programs and services in an effort to keep our seniors’ safe.

Lumacare serves upwards of 3,500 vulnerable clients and community members annually, whether through adult day programs, meals on wheels, transportation services, all the way up to assisted living services that check on the safety of older adults multiple times a day. Many of our clients are living in priority neighbourhoods without the ability to stockpile or go to the grocery store themselves. A big portion of the community we serve is now isolated at home (like many of us), however they may not have the needed resources for daily living. Currently, seniors have been advised to self isolate and remain in their home without interacting with others for non-essential reasons. Seniors are being advised to seek support online, over the phone, and have others complete essential errands for them. Today, more than any day, these seniors need your help!

Lumacare continues to operate essential programs and services:

• Home at Last

• Meals Wheels Services

• ALS (Assisted Living Services) and Community clients deemed high risk will continue to receive visit in their home for essential personal care only.

• Transportation open for high risk medical rides and dialysis clients.

Lumacare added the following services:

• Comfort Packages for any older adult in need

• Frozen meals for any older adult in need

• Extended hours of operation of our Home-At-Last (HAL) and Meals-On-Wheels programs

• Active respiratory screening of all staff, clients and visitors (available in multiple languages) and temperature check before entering the Campus.

• Active Screening of all clients by staff prior to providing services in the community.

• A Response Team to review and plan mitigating strategies daily taking into account latest COVID updates from WHO, TPH, MOH HCC

• Increased disinfection of all locations as outlined by our best practice guidelines.

• PPE supply monitored to ensure adequate

• Provision of information and resources to all staff so that they are aware of risks they face

• 24-hour hotline for questions or concerns to support our clients and caregivers

• Facebook page to bring our community together to ask questions and share resources.

• We have launched our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund aimed to collect funds and donations to help support clients at risk in the community.

As always, the work we do is only possible through the dedication and support from our community members and donors. Please consider making a financial donation to Lumacare’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, where every dollar will go directly back into the community, as soon as possible.