Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House

Registered Name: Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House Society

Business Number: 858855653RR0001

COVID-19 fundraising campaign

Campaign Ends Aug. 31, 2020

The Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House is working hard to support the community during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic time . Our focus is on ensuring that food services to the most vulnerable continue uninterrupted. Obtaining supplies to meet this need has proved challenging and costly. We are using takeaway containers and food that is easier to serve in this fashion. This is more labour intensive and expensive than our usual service model. We also recognize that basic sanitation will become more of an issue as the pandemic progresses, as many of our neighbours live in crowded conditions sharing a single bathroom or on the street with no access to hand washing at all. More cleaning supplies will be needed and the ability to distribute hand sanitizer would have a big impact. 

All revenue from this campaign will directly support increased food and sanitation supplies/services in the Downtown Eastside. For more info.

2 weeks, 6 days to go