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About This Charity

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Andrea Nann Dreamwalker Dance Company (ANDDC) is mandated to enlighten and entertain Canadian and foreign audiences by building a repertoire of work that explores and interprets the human experience through artistic collaboration with artists from all disciplines. Dreamwalker endeavours to create and sustain interest and audience for the arts by offering arts education to people of all ages and ethnicities. Dreamwalker strengthens the Canadian mosaic by creating opportunities for culturally diverse artists to create and perform; and by actively reaching out to diverse community groups through workshops, instructional master classes, mentoring and cultural exchanges.

About Our Charity

Led by artistic director, choreographer and dancer Andrea Nann, Dreamwalker Dance Company celebrates the unique, transcendent beauty of dance while recognizing the inherently collaborative nature of the art form. Dreamwalker Dance Company is committed to presenting excellent work and to bringing the artists who make it and their often disparate audiences together. Works in the company repertoire are created with dancers, poets, songwriters, filmmakers, sculptors, painters, calligraphers, potters, composers, lighting designers, costume designers, theatre directors and musicians who come together in various configurations to explore and share human experiences. In bringing diverse artists of excellence together at the studio, the stage, the classroom or the community centre, Dreamwalker Dance Company actively seeks to create and sustain appreciation and integration of arts and culture in society now.

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