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Dress for Success Ottawa National Capital Region

Registered Name: Dress for Success Ottawa National Capital Region

Business Number: 809607658RR0001

Create Confidence, Create a Future

Campaign Ended Jan. 15, 2020

At Dress for Success we pride ourselves on giving our clients more than just clothes. With your support to Dress for Success, you give confidence, empowerment, and hope to women all over the National Capital Region.

Women like Ana, a single mother, educated as an accountant in her native country of Colombia, who moved to Ottawa with her ex-husband, but struggled to find a job in her field.

Every Dress for Success journey begins with a single step. Ana’s first step took her through the doors of the Dress for Success Boutique for an interview suiting where she received two outfits to help her get a new job.

“My first boutique consultation was great! I felt that because of cultural differences, it was very important to have a Canadian opinion on the right clothing for an interview. The consultants were very positive and encouraging and offered tips and advice to prepare me for a job interview. Having the perfect clothes helped give me confidence and allowed me to focus on preparing for an interview.” - Ana

Volunteers are essential in helping our clients feel confident. Meet Connie, one of our wardrobe consultants who gives women style and confidence. During Ana’s first interview suiting, Connie lent a guiding hand in finding Ana outfits which would make her shine in her interview.

The next step in Ana’s journey was meeting with Dress for Success volunteers to practice her interviewing skills and attending the All Women Empowered Conference here in Ottawa.

The continued support from donors for Dress for Success programming helped keep Ana’s motivation up while she sought out job opportunities closer to her field. Our donors provide women like Ana access to clothing, workshops, and guidance to help them achieve their economic independence.

Donors like Marilyn, one of the many generous people who help fund and facilitate our programs which help women like Ana take steps towards their new future.

This year, create confidence and a future! With your help, our goal is to raise enough money by the end of December to fund 220 more suitings… that's one entire season of clothes!

Just under a year after Ana had walked through the boutique doors, Ana’s journey came to a successful close when she was offered a position with a great organization! Today she is working in her field of expertise. Ana is beyond thankful for all of the support and tools that the donors, staff, and volunteers of Dress for Success have provided on her journey toward economic independence.

“Dress for Success helped support me in taking an important step in my life. By providing professional clothing and hosting workshops, Dress for Success helps improve the confidence needed to be successful in the job hunting process.”

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