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Pearlies Costumes Fund


The Art of Pearly Costumes: Crafting a Glittering Masterpiece

Creating a Pearly suit is a painstaking process that requires immense skill and patience. Each suit can take up to a year, with thousands of pearl buttons sewn onto the fabric by hand.

“Making a Pearly suit is a labour of love. It’s not just about sewing buttons; it’s about creating a piece of art that tells a story and reflects the spirit of the wearer.” DRURY LANE is planning to craft up to 20 new Pearly costumes.  Drury will ensure that each suit created is a unique and cherished addition to Drury Lane’s Pearly tradition.

Songs, Dances, and Instruments: The Sounds of Pearly Performance

The Pearly Kings and Queens are known for lively and engaging performances, often including traditional Cockney songs and dances. Favourites such as “Knees Up Mother Brown,” “My Old Man’s a Dustman,” and “Any Old Iron” are staples of our repertoire, sung with gusto and accompanied by instruments like the piano, banjo, and percussion.

Pearly dances, like the Lambeth Walk and the Cockney Jig, are energetic and joyful, allowing our performers to showcase their skill and entertain our audiences. These songs and dances not only provide entertainment but also serve as a connection to the past, preserving our 44 year heritage of Music Hall in Burlington.

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