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Haiti: Children's House of Hope

The Project Begins

In September of 2016, we began raising money to help a church in Duval, Haiti to purchase land and begin building a children's home for those orphaned by Haiti's devastating earthquake and poverty.  Since starting we've raised over $31,000 for House of Hope Children's Home led by Pastor Guito and the church family on Bellevue Mountain.  We have been blown away by the amazing generosity of all who have given towards this project and to these children.

By November 2016 we were able to help the church buy the land for the future site of the home--an extremely rare opportunity in that area.  

Disaster Relief

After Hurricane Matthew, we were also able to send money which the church in Haiti used to buy food for 1,200 people whose crops and well-being had been ravaged.We continue to keep our Haiti fund open for all who want to give to this project!  It is a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the love of God and to care for those in need.

Children's House of Hope: Phase 1

In October 2017 to begin raising money for 'Phase 1' of the House of Hope Children's Home. Phase 1 consists of a water cistern, a full basement and 1st floor with roof, all plumbing and electrical, and a concrete wall and gate for safety.  It will also include all furnishings, making it move-in ready for the neediest children to live in with houseparents. Future plans include a second floor and workshops so that older children can begin to learn trades and other life skills.

Breakdown of Figures

Cost of phase 1:  $97,486  USD 

Current funds: $44,133 CAD + $6,250 USD

$97,500 - $6,250 USD = $91,250 USD

x (Exchange Rate as of Sept. 2018)= $119,896.11– 44,133 = $75,763.11 estimated remainder.

$54,347 raised out of $120,000 goal

45.2891666667% Complete