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Our Mission

Dunnville Youth Impact Centre is a Christian organization that seeks to serve the needs of the whole person for youth of our local community, to provide a sense of belonging and purpose, and equip them for life’s journey.


Dunnville Youth Impact Centre is a non profit, charitable organization that provides a safe haven in the downtown core for young people (ages 10-18)  through our various supervised programs and activities. We also have a new Tuesday after school program for kids in grades 5 to 8. At our drop in's for the teens (12-18), they can meet with their peers or make new friends and build relationships with staff and volunteers. They can also play a game of pool, table tennis and air hockey, play an arcade game or xbox, have a nutritious snack and go on day trips outside of the centre. Currently they are enjoying Gladiator night on Monday nights with live action role playing and Nerf Warz and Adulting 101 on Thursday evenings for 15-18 years old, where they learn how to save for college, budget, shop for food, do minor repairs, etc. Many of these youth have unstable home lives and some are "couch surfing" at friends homes. They need strong role models, especially Christian men who will come forward and be a mentor to these kids who have so much potential but so little hope for their future. Please help us as we strive to set them on the right path to a meaningful life, to becoming caring, compassionate and responsible adults who can in turn, mentor the next generation as they have been mentored.

What People Are Saying

""Youth" means everything to me. I don't think I would be the person I am today without it. I feel like a apart of something for once because everyone that is involved becomes a family to me and I wouldn't give up a single one of them for anything!"

— Sam Gilles, teen

"When I started volunteering it was to do something positive for the youth but now it is about relationships. The first time I came I wasn't sure what the kids would like so I brought 'glove squirrels' to make with them. It was a great ice breaker...I have met some great kids and volunteers."

— Wes Clark, volunteer

"I found a place where someone will offer you free food and drink and there is always something to do. But most importantly people to talk to who care and will do anything to help. A place that feels like home, where I made both friends and memories that have been with me for every day of my life."

— Aaron Hare, teen

"As a volunteer, the centre is a front row seat to the greatest event on earth... a place where God reveals himself to the youth of Dunnville. I am thankful that God allows us to enjoy what He does as He moves in people's lives."

— Karen Favron, volunteer

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