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Durham Community Foundation

Registered Name: Durham Community Foundation

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Durham Community Foundation


Our Vision

Creating a legacy for the future

Our Mission

Building community through philanthropy



Established in 1994 as a bridge between contributors, charities and community, Durham Community Foundation (DCF) is more than a grant maker. DCF is the charity’s charity – their voice in the Region of Durham and beyond. DCF has invested $6.5 Million in 400+ charities, contributing to Durham’s significant growth. DCF is part of a network of 201 community foundations in Canada with assets of $6.4 billion, allowing it to scale and leverage innovation.DCF fosters philanthropy by connecting donors, volunteers, and community leaders, addressing Durham's challenges through research, advocacy, and collaboration. Acting as the voice for charities at multiple levels, DCF provides vital support.

Key focus areas

DCF forges strong ties with a diverse range of donors to boost philanthropy in Durham. By keeping up with community needs and trends, we channel resources and research to address challenges effectively.
DCF promotes collaboration among leaders in philanthropy. We're on top of the latest in charitable trends and offer avenues for learning, networking, and fostering a dynamic charitable environment in the region.
DCF crafts platforms to enable donors to give back, touching areas like health, arts, and the environment. Our efforts have improved the lives of countless individuals in Durham over the years.
Strengthening Local Charities:
We don't compete; we enhance.
For 30 years, our role has been to amplify the impact of local charities and nonprofits, offering more than just funding.
Representing our sector's voice, we share its triumphs and trials, ensuring its essential work continues through our strong community connections.
Crisis Support:
Our experienced team is ready to assist charities facing challenges, from revenue loss to staffing issues.
Funders Table:
This collaborative effort, involving various local bodies, strategizes on funding local agencies based on up-to-date data.
ED Connect:
Our monthly sessions offer a platform for Executive Directors to share concerns and find solutions collaboratively.
Partnering with CanadaHelps, we champion #DurhamGivesBack, showcasing local organizations and nurturing a culture of giving in Durham.
To learn more or join the giving movement call us at 905-430-6507


2C-157 Harwood Avenue North

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