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Cardiac Monitoring System- Be a Health Care Angel - Help Save a Life.

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Thank you very much for supporting the Durham Hospital.  Because of you, the Durham Hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment and top-notch facilities. Local health care is important to rural communities -we are fortunate to have a top-notch facility here at home!


Your support makes a difference!


I recently spoke with Richard, who came to the hospital with chest pains and was very scared.  He was placed on a cardiac monitor within seconds and received the emergency care he needed. Luckily, he was diagnosed quickly and made a full recovery.  Every day, 6-10 people who visit the Durham Hospital are at risk of suffering a cardiac event.


The Foundation is asking for your support to help purchase a cardiac monitoring system to save others like him.  This important equipment allows nursing staff to monitor several patients’ heart rate and breathing at the same time.  It will cost $150,000 and will greatly enhance patient’s care, saving lives and improving a patient’s chances for a full recovery. 


Please help us reach our goal.  Help us save a life- maybe even your loved one.


The present cardiac monitoring system is over 20 years old and needs to be replaced.  The new system can be connected wirelessly to six patients and turns every room into a cardiac care room.  When a patient’s vital signs change, an alarm sounds so that nursing staff can respond in seconds! 


All changes are caught immediately – doctors can identify issues quickly, enhancing the likelihood of a full recovery.  The cardiac monitoring system is vitally important to patient care. 

Please take a moment and make a donation. We are counting on you.

We are asking for your generosity. Your gift will help provide quality health cardiac care for your family and friends for many years. Be a health care angel- people are counting on you! 

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