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Our Mission:

To provide education and skills-training opportunities for women and girls in Afghanistan.


The Dyana Afghan Women’s Fund (DAWF) was founded in 2004 by award winning author, filmmaker and journalist Nelofer Pazira and run entirely by volunteers.

Starting in 2006 we have been providing a very successful literacy program to groups of women and girls in remote villages in Bamiyan province in central Afghanistan where schools and education services are very limited or non-existent. The students are eager to learn and actively share the new skills they gain with their families and community.

The literacy program consists of 5 levels, each 6 months in duration. On completion of the five levels the students have the skills and knowledge to continue their education or help them find employment.

A $20 donation buys a student her school supplies, $150 allows her to attend 6 months of classes.

Funds raised provide teacher salaries, classroom rent and locally bought books and supplies.

DAWF is a Canadian Registered Charity

What People Are Saying

"In one of my visits to Bamiyan, a group of women gathered around me saying they are 'blind'. Noticing my confusion, they explained that they could see, but couldn't read or write - 'blindness' had become a metaphor for their lack of education. The Dyana Afghan Women's Fund first project began. "

— Nelofer Pazira

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