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We are a non profit organization committed to providing compassion, hope & dignity within families. Eagle's Nest Assocation is the umbrella to:

 DRUMMOND HOUSE- In 2003, Eagles Nest initiated their first project, Drummond House- a Christian transitional home for women and children. This unique home is designed to provide a place of rest to oppressed women, while rebuilding their strength- emotionally, physically and spiritually. These women who have experienced abuse, martial breakups, or unhealthy relationships stay 3- 6 months. Each resident, including the children, work through an individualized program promoting restoration of hope, healthy tools, and realistic goals. 


THE HOPE CENTRE (Home of Practical Education)- The Centre was built from a vision to be able to provide holistic support to every member of the family facing challenges with relationships. Our work at Drummond House helped us recognize some women and children in our community need support, but not a place to stay. We also learned that men are in need of these same programs. The Centre launched in the Fall of 2017 with a few key programs. As the Centre expands, women, men and children will be able to access a variety of free programming including: coaching, counselling, support groups, art therapy, financial planning, spiritual guidance, and courses on healthy boundaries. 


RESCUED & RESTORED- To financially support the programs at both Drummond House and The HOPE Centre, Eagles Nest operates a unique project- Rescued & Restored. Located north of Waterdown in a 6,000 square foot showroom, this project resells gently used furniture and household items that have been donated by the local community.  The profits from Rescued & Restored have been able to support over 30% of our operational budget.


All three of these projects are successful because of the continual support we have from our community.  

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