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Locate rare Algonquin wolves!

To protect rare Algonquin wolves that are threatened with extinction in Ontario, we have to find them first!

So far, Ontario has only extended protection to these threatened wolves in 4 core areas where past DNA surveys confirm their presence. Our Ontario Wolf Survey research project surveys habitat across Ontario to locate more wolves and wolf families, and increase their protection. Non-invasive research techniques pioneered by Dr. Linda Rutledge allow us to explore and monitor areas without negatively impacting these at-risk wolves. All data we collect is provided to wolf researchers as the Ontario government prepares to develop the Algonquin wolf recovery action plan.

Algonquin Wolf Survey Wishlist

$23 - 32GB Memory card for a trail camera. There is nothing more exciting than opening a memory card that has been collecting images from wolf habitat in one of our trail cameras! Memory cards are the brains for our "eye in the forest" trail cams.

$46 - Wolf DNA sampling kit. Collecting scat (poop), hair and urine samples provides us with DNA to determine the species, gender, relatedness of an animal. These data can be used to estimate a wolf population in an area and provide information about wolves that may be passing through habitat or living there in a family pack.

$75 - Batteries to power our trail cameras for 1 year in the field. Trail cameras provide us with photo documentation of wolves and other species, and allow us to collect information to help researchers understand how travels travel together and how they use trails and roads in their territory.

$113 - DNA sample analysis. We have secured a discounted rate from Canada's most advanced DNA analysis lab to analyze the samples we collect during our field surveys. Extracting and evaluating DNA from scat and urine is difficult and time-consuming, but these experts can determine species, gender and information about the animal's mother and father using just 1 sample.

$400 - Hire an experienced survey team for a full day of tracking. Our team works tirelessly in freezing cold temperatures to put up field cameras, track wolves and collect samples while minimizing impacts on the wilderness and wolves themselves. Their work is hard but there is nothing else they'd rather do!

$869 - Professional trail camera. Trail cameras are the gifts that keep on giving. They can be used for multiple research projects and allow us to keep our eyes on the wolves no matter where we are. Photographic and video footage provides us with invaluable information about behavior, travel, health status and what other species wolves share their territories with. The professional grade cameras provide excellent quality photos despite the rough conditions they must withstand (including close inspections by inquisitive moose and bears!).