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Our Mission

To evoke a spirit of reverence for water; to inform about threats that imperil water; to inspire citizen action to protect water.

Water ripples deeply in each of us. To stir that rippling is to awaken action.

About Ecologos/Water Docs

Ecologos is a registered environmental and arts charity best known for its Water Docs suite of programs aimed at fostering a sense of reverence for water, informing about threats that imperil water, and inspiring citizen action to protect water.

Our Ontario-wide network of volunteers have been fulfilling this mandate through the popular

Water Docs Film Festival in Toronto every March;

The Great Lakes Water Walk with its inaugural event in September 2017;

Water Docs @ School Action Projects and Filmmaking for Ontario grade 8 classes; and

Water Docs Where-You-Live Community Screenings - community-based film events in towns and neighbourhoods across Ontario.

Ecologos has been learning by doing and evaluating for 19 years, building a strong capacity for designing and implementing programs with substantial impact.

What People Are Saying

"Love this festival. Intelligent, creative, dedicated and provocative. Wonderful selection of works, live music, artist receptions, galleries and exhibits. Hospitality and excellent communication! A destination for my next film!"

— Stephanie Maxwell ~ 2017 Participating US Filmmaker

"The Water Docs @ Schools action project is a much better way to learn about water issues than regular class because we get to work in groups, focus on a specific topic, learn about other topics, and we focus on other subjects at the same time, like language and media literacy."

— Sahana ~ Gr. 8 student ~ Brookside Public School, Toronto, ON

"I planned to send you a note today to say we LOVED The Peel Project. The cinematography was beautiful, the artists were inspiring, and the story of the Peel River is such an interesting and important one. There was a great buzz in the audience! Good luck with the rest of the festival."

— Sarah Thompson ~ RBC Foundation ~ Funder

"We inspired a junior student who showed his parents the video the students created and explained Hydration Outreach from the assembly he watched. He asked them if they could help because he believed in the problem. The parents are paying in full for 1 Hydration station to be installed. Yahoo!!!"

— Kimberley Savage-Paulson ~ Sam Sherratt Public School, Milton, ON

"The biggest thank you ever for having us each and every year at Water Docs - we really admire and love what you all have accomplished in 6 years! Big kudos to you and everyone at Ecologos!!"

— Tara Seucharan ~ Council of Canadians ~ Community Partner Organization

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