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Support the Travelling Eelgrass Exhibit!


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Support the Travelling Eelgrass Exhibit!

Help us build awareness about this crucial seagrass!

Eelgrass does a lot for our planet and our communities! This amazing seagrass helps fight climate change by capturing and storing carbon, protects our shorelines from erosion, and provides habitat for many important species including lobster, eel and salmon. But despite their importance, eelgrass meadows are threatened by a host of issues including coastal development, land-based pollution, invasive species and a changing climate.  

That’s why we're excited to announce our new project in collaboration with the Cultural and Scientific Service of the Ambassade de France au Canada, Alliance Française Halifax and other partners.

Along with the French Embassy in Canada, Alliance Française Halifax and Benedikte Vercaemer, we are working to bring a bilingual, interactive educational eelgrass exhibit to museums and other venues across Canada to help promote the conservation of this crucial species. See below for examples of the exhibit panels!

We want to bring this awesome exhibit to the public all the way from Halifax to Vancouver in 2022/23. We have raised enough funding to re-create the interactive panels and need $10,000 to make it a reality!