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About This Charity

Our Mission

Ecosource is an innovative organization that empowers the community to become more environmentally responsible through creative public education.

About Our Charity

Ecosource is all about changing the world, right in our own backyard! We are leaders in grassroots environmental education in Peel Region and across Ontario. Our staff team works in schools and throughout the community, delivering interactive learning experiences that inspire youth and adults to take responsible personal environmental actions that make a huge difference to the health of the planet. We are proud to work with over 40,000 youth and adult community members annually!  

How You Can Help

Every individual that Ecosource educates today learns new skills that empower them to contribute to a more environmentally responsible community in the future.

We can't do it without your help!

Your donation helps us to build an innovative and resilient environmental community:

  • A $25 donation helps us purchase new tools for a local community garden

  • A $50 donation helps to sponsor a verimcomposting kit for a Peel school

  • A $75 donation helps to secure a sprouting kit takeaway for families visiting our urban agriculture site

  • A $100 donation helps to send an emergin youth leader to the annual Peel Environmental Youth Alliance leadership retreat

  • A $500 donation helps to expand our collection of garden containers to deliver more nutritional programming for food bank clients

  • A $1,000 donation helps us offer after-school and summer urban agriculture youth job training programs

What People Are Saying

"My children and I remember this summer as the summer with the garden. We have met wonderful people, made friends, and learned new gardening techniques. "

— Malton Community Gardener

"Students learn about the environment and about social responsibility when we visit the Ecosource Community Gardens. They are an invaluable resource for our community. "

— Archbishop Romero S.S. Teacher

"It is extremely rewarding to know that this project will provide our students with new educational opportunities and more affordable food options. ...I appreciate the collaboration in support of the positive actions we have accomplished."

— Jennifer Milne, Manager of Purchasing DDSB