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Registered Name: Boys and Girls Club of Edson & District

Business Number: 892586660RR0001

Cooking Program

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

In the months of April, May and June of 2018 the Boys and Girls Club of Edson and District experimented with a new initiative, Kids in the Kitchen. Children at the club were taught how to prepare a meal by first learning about the types of ingredients needs for various meals. The children are supervised by two staff that assisted them in learning how to cook. The program became a hit when children were learning how to cook and taking the food home for their families to enjoy. Getting the children involved in the kitchen helps to instil healthy nutrition. The feedback from parents was they were able to spend quality time with their children after coming home from a busy day at work. The parents of the children that attend the Boys and Girls Club get off work after 5:00 or 6:00pm and pick up their children on their way home from work. Most importantly the children are learning a very important life skill. Many children have indicated how the cooking program has taught them not only how to work as a team but also they are able to help their parents at home preparing meals. Indirectly, the parents and their children have developed a new relationship around food. The meals cooked at the Boys and Girls Club of Edson and District follows the Government of Canada Healthy foods. The children learned about healthy eating and passed on this to their families. We would like to restart the Kids in the Kitchen program in January 2019. This time around we would like to extend this program to our Teen Program where we can help motivate at-risk youths to further their education in the culinary field. Many students do not know how to cook and prepare a meal. The focus of our program is to develop self-efficacy and self-esteem and to encourage our youths to eat healthy. Healthy nutrition plays a key role in learning and preparing our youths to be physically healthy in adulthood. Our Club was successful in receiving the Canadian Summer Student Grants and was able to hire three students.  The feedback from these students after their completion of their summer jobs and upon entering university was that they wished they had learned how to cook.  Now they are living independently these students now realize the importance of preparing a meal.  

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