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New!! Save the 21 Acres


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New!! Save the 21 Acres
  • Save the 21!

    Thanks to all of you, we have Saved the Six! Acres of incredible rich, ancient Coastal Douglas-firs which forms part of the Wildwood Ecoforest.  It now totals 83 acres consisting of two sections separated by Lake Quennell.   As Wildwood was carefully harvested since 1945 it stands in stark contrast to the moonscape clearcuts of modern industrial forestry and serves as a model of sustainable forestry.

  • We are fortunate that an old-growth supporter has come forward and offered to sell a nearby 21 acres that originally belonged to ecoforester, Merve Wilkinson.   Wishing to protect this property in perpetuity, they are offering to sell the property at the price they paid four years ago.  Since then, prices have sky-rocketed.   As an opportunity of a life-time acquiring this property will enable us to directly access the section across the Lake from the Homestead.  This unusual property would serve as an example of how to restore areas to become mature old growth.  At Wildwood, we let Nature rule, while also yielding a harvest of wood for humans to reap. It's a win-win achievement that will help mitigate climate change.

    Please Donate!

    Please, if you are able, make a donation to preserve this additional Old-Growth area in the making- the 21 Acres. Not only will you save a beautiful parcel of forest, but you will also support EIS and the work they do to promote truly sustainable forestry.  The majority of British Columbians opposes the logging of ancient forests, but it may be all gone, but the time the Government implements any decisions in that direction.    Please DONATE today to support old-growth forests  before it all disappears... and let Nature do it's work. 

     (All donations are tax deductible! You can also Donate via e-transfer to the Ecoforestry Institute Society at

  • PS Let us know if you want more information or have any questions!