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Electric Company Theatre


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Electric Company Theatre is one of Canada’s leading creators of live theatre, rich in spectacle and adventurous in form.

Electric Company Theatre


very live theatre

Electric Company is dedicated to the creation of groundbreaking artistic experiences. Our work is original, transformative, innovative. We believe in art that is accessible, both financially and thematically. Our projects cross artistic disciplines, integrate new media and have toured and won awards locally and internationally.

We aim to inspire audiences with a renewed sense of possibility and to continually examine and expand our own definition of what live theatre can be. We work to reach across cultures, backgrounds, economics, and ideology to find the universal elements that connect all members of our community. We believe that trust, openness, authenticity and accountability create the right conditions for experimentation, artistic risk, and the pursuit of excellence.

Your donation will support masterful artists and artistry, the continued creation of new works, help us bring world class theatre to downtown Vancouver and beyond, and maintain a 24-year creative foundation for local artistic visionaries.

100% of all donations go towards the art - if you are making a directed donation to a specific project, or to our general or reserve funds, you can be sure your support will hit the stage and support artists and creative works.

Join us as we chart the undeniable, the unexpected, the eclectic, the electric.


1422 William Street

Vancouver, BC, V5L 2P7

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