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Anywhere But Here - Canadian Latinx Theatre History!

Campaign Ended April 30, 2020

Support the largest world premiere of a Latinx play in Canadian history.

Electric Company is raising money to support Carmen Aguirre’s Anywhere But Here, bringing ambitious, diverse and local theatre back to the Vancouver Playhouse. We need your help to bring this incredible production to its world premiere on February 6, 2020.

Anywhere But Here is a vibrant and poignant magic realist story about a refugee Canadian family that tries to return to Chile in a convertible in 1979. When they arrive at the US Mexico border, they encounter the 2020 “Trump” wall along that border. They meet a host of characters from history, mythology and modern day who have experienced the pull of home, the ache of displacement, and the harsh realities of borders as they attempt to cross, guard, or survive them. The show chronicles the many paths, real and imagined, we take to discover the truth — the truth about who we are, and where we may be headed.

It is an epic play and a Latinx theatre celebration, and features raps created with Shad Kabango, 1970’s disco music, and a Latinx rhythm score composed by Joelysa Pankanea. The show has an incredible acting ensemble of nine artists, primarily Latinx, and a borderless, diverse and talented creative team that includes two of the most sought after Chicanx artists on the continent – director Juliette Carrillo and designer Christopher Acebo.

We need your help to get the venue, build the set and costumes, make the music, create visual effects, and bring together local, national and international artists on Vancouver’s landmark stage. 

Dark and comic, Anywhere But Here is a psycho-social-spiritual-physical journey based on the relationship to land; it could only take place at the U.S./Mexico border during the world’s current refugee crisis.

It is a play that recognizes the working-class Latinx population, spotlighting the invisible, undocumented brown workers that people the Americas. It honours the richness of Latinx culture and the strength of its resistance, neither of which are accidents.

"Audiences today are trying to understand our world. This play helps because it is about displacement, something that gets put in the news, and politicized, but is not often humanized. There is a lot about Anywhere But Here that excites me." - Shad Kabango, Rap Co-Creator.

Giving to Anywhere But Here will:

-provide a mainstage platform for diverse artists making theatre history.

-Achieve the incredible creative design that is both visually stunning and technically complex.

-Create an original score for the production based in Latinx rhythms with some of Vancouver’s best musicians.

-Bring rich, vibrant new theatre production back to the Vancouver Playhouse stage, welcoming in Latin, immigrant and refugee audiences, some for the first time.

Anywhere But Here is a project of many firsts: It is Carmen’s largest play to date, the first time Shad has written for the stage, the first time Juliette Carrillo and Christopher Acebo have worked in Canada, and the first time Electric Company has a full cast of colour, led by three visionary women.

Electric Company’s ticket prices are among the lowest in the city, and pay for less then 1/3 of the total budget of the production. Your support helps us keep the quality high and the costs low for audiences. We also provide free access to those who need it - believing that cultural access should be for everyone, regardless of finances

Come see this incredible new work at the Vancouver Playhouse.

February 4 – 15.

Tickets and info at

Produced in association with Playwrights Theatre Centre and presented with the PuSh Festival.

Anywhere But Here

Written by Carmen Aguirre

Raps created with Shad Kabango

Director: Juliette Carrillo

Dramaturg: Heidi Taylor

Set Designer: Christopher Acebo

Composer / Music Director: Joelysa Pankanea

Costume Designer: Carmen Alatorre

Lighting Designer: Itai Erdal

Sound Designer: Eli Haligua

Projection Designer: Candelario Andrade

Assistant Director: Pedro Chamale

Musicians: Michael Simpsonelli, Johnny Wah, and Robin Layne

Stage Manager: Joanne PB Smith

Assistant Stage Manager: Rebecca Mulvihill

Production Manager: Adrian Muir

Assistant Technical Director: Gustavo Cunha

Featuring AJ Simmons, Augusto Bitter, Alen Dominguez, Alexandra Lainfiesta, Shawn Lall, Nadeem Phillip, Christine Quintana, Michelle Rios and Manuela Sosa.

About Electric Company Theatre:

Electric Company Theatre is one of Canada’s leading creators of live theatre, rich in spectacle and adventurous in form, challenging theatrical conventions while preserving a strong sense of story.

Electric Company Theatre’s mission is to create and produce ambitious and exceptional theatre. We aim to inspire audiences with a renewed sense of possibility and to continually examine and expand our own definition of what live theatre can be. We work to reach across cultures, backgrounds, economics, and ideology to find the universal elements that connect all members of our community. In our annual programming we strive to find a balance between Electric Company’s primary objective: creating new work for our local Vancouver audience, and our secondary goal: touring our repertoire to maximize impact and reach. Multiple presentations provide us the opportunity to refine artistry, reach new audiences, and engage with diverse artistic communities. In our creative process we foster a safe, equitable and collaborative environment for all artists and technical staff.  We believe that trust, openness, authenticity and accountability create the right conditions for experimentation, artistic risk, and the pursuit of excellence. In our office, on our board of directors, and in our rehearsal studio, we celebrate difference, diversity and inclusion. We endeavour to support new and emerging artists through employment and mentorship, and provide educational outreach opportunities to the public related to our artistic work. 

Electric Company Theatre was formed in 1996 by four graduates of Studio 58 to create original theatre performance in Vancouver. ECT has created more than 25 original works of theatre, touring many nationally and internationally, including Betroffenheit, Tear the CurtainStudies in Motion, No Exit, and The Full Light of Day. The company has won Jessie, Betty, Rideau and Olivier Awards, and was the first recipient of the Alcan Performing Arts Award for Theatre (2001). The Artistic Core is the group of senior creators who help steer the artistic direction and make Electric Company their creative home. The Artistic Core currently includes award-winning, best-selling author and playwright Carmen Aguirre, Siminovitch Prize-winning director Kim Collier, Governor General’s Award-winning writer Kevin Kerr  and Olivier-Award winning actor and playwright Jonathon Young. In January 2019 Electric Company became the first local theatre organization to self-produce in the Vancouver Playhouse since 2012. In September 2019, the company premiered its first art installation with acclaimed Anishinaabe artist Lisa Jackson, called Transmissions. In February 2020, Anywhere But Here will premiere at the Vancouver Playhouse, the largest Latinx play to have a world premiere on a Canadian mainstage.

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