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Elephant Artist Relief Society (EAR) is a registered charity that offers practical resources to creative professionals in the Calgary region. The society provides financial and career supports that emphasize community wellbeing and promotes artists’ livelihoods. EAR envisions a healthy arts community that ensures a rich cultural landscape for our city.

EAR was formed when a group came together to help a fellow artist with a medical crisis in 2007. The event created awareness of how vulnerable artists are when struck with an unexpected hardship and identified the absence of urgent supports for the community. By forming a society the group established a last resort relief fund to meet this broader need. In this way, the organization provides a unique service, which is not duplicated by any other agency.

EAR’s current strategy for a thriving arts community includes on-going fundraising to replenish two emergency relief funds. While also providing referrals to related resources EAR’s mandate has grown to include professional development activities such as workshops on health and safety, fiscal management and taxes, career advancement and entrepreneurial tools. The society also serves as a community hub by hosting occasional gatherings and multidisciplinary presentations by emerging and established artists.

What's in a name? Elephants are known for their strong communal bonds and as a symbol of kindness, prosperity and wisdom. Their memory, longevity and unrelenting strength contribute to their mystic ability to remove obstacles. As a revered patron of the arts and sciences, and the diva of intellect, this creature’s visage invokes the power and compassion needed to sustain wellbeing. We look to the ancient image of the elephant that holds up the world and choose it to represent the harmony and stability we seek for artists in Calgary. There’s no greater reminder to show up for those in need.

For more information visit: elephantartistrelief.com 

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