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ELEPHANT ARTIST RELIEF SOCIETY (EAR) is a charitable organisation that exists to provide a last resort relief and professional support framework for artists practicing in the Calgary region. EAR has primarily provided assistance for visual artists who are in urgent financial need due to an unforeseen emergency. We aim also to extend the lifespan of a second fund recently created to provide for artists of other disciplines.

The society does not instigate fundraising activities for individuals but rather provides applicants short term assistance through a confidential committee jury process. Throughout each year EAR also presents workshops and seminars on subjects ranging from career development to issues of health and wellness.

We are committed to building and maintaining the practical support necessary to sustain the health, well-being, and livelihood of those who have dedicated their lives to the practice of making art. Join with us in envisioning a healthy arts community which ensures a continued and rich cultural landscape for us all.

While EAR receives funding for programming, we rely upon volunteerism and fundraising efforts to furnish relief funds, meanwhile prioritizing artist remuneration. Help us spread the word about campaigns and events or simply donate below!


In January of 2007 a group of creative professionals came together in celebration and support of a local Calgary artist, musician and poet who was challenged with a major health concern. That collaboration was called “Elephant” and it marked the beginning of Elephant Artist Relief Society (EAR).

What's in a name? Known for kindness, prosperity and wisdom, elephants respect social customs and protect the members of their herd. Their memory, longevity and unrelenting strength contribute to their mystic ability to remove obstacles. From invoking the power and compassion needed to sustain well-being to never forgetting the important role artists play in our cultural landscape, we look to the the ancient image of the elephant that holds up the world, and choose it to represent the harmony and stability we seek for local artists.

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