Eli's Place

Registered Name: Eli's Place Residential Treatment and Transition Centre

Business Number: 831990031RR0001

Eli's Place

There is a tremendous gap in our mental health system for young adults, aged 19 to 35, with serious mental illness. Without effective treatment, the consequences of living with serious mental illness include high rates of addiction, unemployment, homelessness and, even suicide. 

Proven-effective programs are available around the world. It’s time to make them available in Canada through Eli’s Place.

The first of its kind in Canada, Eli's Place will provide a long-term, rural residential treatment and recovery-based program with individualized therapeutic care with a graduated transition into the community. A range of programs will promote recovery and resilience through the acquisition of life and work skills needed to move from survival to living, and from mental illness to hopeful futures.

What People Are Saying

"Eli’s Place will provide critically needed, long-term, recovery-based intervention in an environment that is not available currently in Ontario...this kind of resource is sorely needed. Eli’s Place holds the potential to provide life-changing treatments..."

— Dr. Anthony Levitt, former Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Sunnybrook Hospital, Read More

"I believe that many young adults with severe mental illness would highly benefit from a rural long-term recovery model of care. Eli’s Place can provide something very unique for people with mental illness who are looking for a holistic and integrated and empowering approach to their recovery."

— Dr. Ari Zaretsky Sunnybrook’s Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Vice President, Read More

"... I love the program model you have chosen...Congratulations for finding a model that is accountable, and to my mind, addresses all the important components of healing: relationship, compassion, functional living, living in a natural environment, as well as clinical expertise. "

— Karen Minden, C.M., Ph.D, Founding CEO of Pine River Institute , Read More

"Having worked as community family physicians for the past 35 years, we have struggled with the lack of availability of Mental Health Services for young adults...Eli’s Place will help to provide very valuable resources...for young people as they learn to transition back to their communities. "

— Dr. J. Devon and Dr. M. Buchstein, Read More

"...The model at Eli’s Place sees young adults with serious mental health issues as whole individuals, with a suite of talents and abilities, who can be well, and envision a healthy future. Most mental health programs teach you how to survive. Eli’s Place wants you to learn how to live."

— Annette’s story, Read More

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