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The Elliot Lake Women’s Group was founded in 1982 by a group of concerned citizens, including members of the local police, to respond to a community need to keep women and children safe from abuse.  This group also referred to as ELWG, created a shelter for women called the Women’s Crisis Centre.  Before this time, women were transported by volunteers to the shelter in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, 2 ½ hours away. 

The Elliot Lake Women’s Group incorporated in 1987 with 6 dedicated Board Members, of which 2 were men, to secure core funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Service.  This facilitated the purchase of a permanent shelter. In 2006, ELWG changed the name of the shelter to Maplegate House for Women, to remove any potential stigma related to the word “Crisis”.   

Maplegate House for Women is committed to providing inclusive services to all persons who identify as women and their children, shelter, supports and information, so they can take steps to define their own lives and live free from abuse, violence and oppression. 

Maplegate House for Women provides services, supports and information with a Harm Reduction model to enable all women who are experiencing abuse or are at risk, access to our services.  Harm reduction removes barriers to make it as easy as possible for people who use substances to get help.  Harm reduction services and supports are open to all women who use substances, at any stage of their substance use. Help is available when women using substances want to move in a new direction. This includes connecting to outreach, primary or other health care services, and accessing substance dependence treatment. Women who use substances are encouraged to participate in harm reduction activities. These services aim to involve women in their own health by keeping them connected to the health system. Harm reduction can empower women to improve the quality of their lives.

Services Provided Include:

  • 24/7 Crisis line
  • Emergency transportation to the shelter
  • Safe and secure accessible shelter for women, their children
  • Safe resident pet shelter on site
  • Transitional & outreach supports
  • System navigation – Referrals & connections to other support systems
  • Housing advocacy
  • Support counselling
  • Legal advocacy
  • Financial & social service support advocacy
  • Therapeutic programming – including permanent pet therapy on site
  • Career and self employment advocacy

Maplegate House for Women Vision:          

            Freedom for women and children.

Mission Statement:

Maplegate is committed to providing services in the community that promote safety and inclusion for all.

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