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Since 1993, The Elora Centre for Environmental Excellence has believed that real environmental change will take place from the grassroots: when people demand it, governments respond.  Over the years our technical advisors  have visited some 40,000 homes across Southern Ontario.  Their practical, cost effective recommendations helped to cut each homes energy use, save money, improve home comfort. By reducing home heating/cooling, our clients are cutting their climate change emissions by about 30 tons every year!

Rather than compete with the  other NGOs and for-profit companies that have entered the home visit field, we are embarking in a new direction to empower a movement of meaningful climate change action directed at the individual scale. To date, the individual has been largely at the peripheral of climate change action discussion and the time is now to invite the most impactful stakeholder to the stage.

Our other major work centres on the urban forest here in our home community of Centre Wellington. We plant, steward, and inventory trees to better understand what we need to plant for diversity, where trees need professional attention, and just how valuable it is.  Our inventory has covered 9,000 trees so far and the estimated value is $8 million- underscoring  why Council and staff need to recognize them as vital to a healthy community.

Both initiatives need your help: Here are some practical things you can do:

  • Volunteer!  Help us plant, tend or inventory our trees. A couple of hours to help tend trees, or a couple of hours and week in June and July to work on our inventory
  • Make a charitable, tax deductible donation through Canada Helps 
  • Purchase a Celebration Tree to help green our public parks with native trees.

With minimal overhead, we stretch every donation dollar to the fullest.  Thank you for considering The Elora Environment Centre.  

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