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NeST - Fund neonatal care for a baby

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

EHA, working with the poor, provides maternal and newborn care through its hospitals and community health projects.

The Neonatal Survival Training (NeST) Programme for nurses and doctors was created in 2013 in order to save the lives of sick premature babies. Simple protocols and plans, using basic equipment, are employed to achieve this.

A study conducted this year showed that staff nurses who were trained by NeST had improved in their knowledge and practice of newborn care. This is an indication that frequent and intensive courses on neonatal care are useful.


NeST wants to create a ripple effect. The Trainers will train a team of Master Trainers, consisting of physicians and nurses from each hospital.

 Goals for 2020:

  • Increased training of doctors and nurses. Regular teaching sessions in all the hospitals will continue, and NeST training will be mandatory for all staff nurses. 
  • We have a need for upgrading infrastructure and equipment in the neonatal units.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Proper Training programme for all EHA nurses in enhanced neonatal care, along with prayer for the NeST workshops.
  2. EHA hospitals are located in rural settings. Pray for the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged enthuse communities ,and that God will enable us to help them. 

NeST has requested $21,000.

$13,438 raised out of $21,000 goal

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