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Nayi Roshini

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Roshini (which means “light”) provides awareness and access to medical services for people with mental illness and purposes to help the community reduce alcohol abuse and domestic violence.

Vision: Empowering people with mental disability in East Champaran District, Bihar.

 Goals for 2019/20:

  • For the communities to become organized as groups and to own the projects and programs.
  • For our work to be recognized and valued by the local government authorities. 

Prayer Requests:

  1. That the political leaders will have a vision to help their communities.
  2. For the communities to value and respect women and girls. That there will be an end to the dowry system and domestic violence, and that women and girls will enjoy better health and financial security.
  3. Establishment of local churches in our villages so that they would worship the true and living God.

Roshini has requested $12,000 from EHA Canada.

Breakdown of specific costs to provide medical services to one person with mental illness (per month):

  • Seizure - $140/month
  • Common mental disorder - $12/month
  • Severe mental disorder - $30/month

To support education for children and youth with disabilities:

  • Vocational/skills training for one youth - $200
  • Education for one child at special learning centre - $200
  • Linkage with government private school - $100

$470 raised out of $12,000 goal

3.91666666667% Complete
4 months, 2 weeks to go