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Business Number: 897837829RR0001

Shalom Delhi

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Shalom provides comprehensive and holistic care for those affected by HIV Aids in Delhi. It provides outpatient and inpatient care, home-based care and supports income generation schemes for widows. 

Vision: To enable people and families living with HIV, cancer and other life limiting illnesses enjoy a good quality life with dignity and hope by providing compassionate and competent care for the whole person.

Goal for 2019/20:

  • To be registered as a Palliative Care Nursing Home. This will enable us to strengthen our networking, upgrade our services and offer it to a larger number of people.  

Prayer Requests:

  1. For Shalom to be able to meet the requirements for registration as a Palliative Care Nursing Home.
  2. Adequate funds to run the project. We are seeking to partner with local corporations for funding.
  3. For our staff. They witness the death of patients with whom they have developed deep relationships, causing much sorrow. Pray for God’s grace and strength as they give of themselves in service to others.

Shalom has requested $20,000 from EHA Canada.

Specific Costs needed to help one individual:

  • Average cost for one outpatient visit (consultation, medicines, lab tests) for a patient with HIV / cancer – $6
  • In patient medical and nursing care in the hospital for one patient for one week – $200
  • Dietary provision for one patient admitted in the hospital for one week – $15

Specific costs for other programs of Shalom:

  • Training of one woman to sew at Kiran - $200 for one month (this includes the training stipend that we pay the woman. It usually takes 6 months for a woman to learn how to sew).
  • Home Based care - $20 per month per patient
  • Average cost for one child to participate in the Adolescent program for a year – $150
  • Average cost of one support group meeting – $120

$13,649 raised out of $20,000 goal

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