Empowering Indigenous Youth in Governance and Leadership

Registered Name: Empowering Indigenous Youth in Governance and Leadership (EIYGL)

Business Number: 841475429RR0001

Empowering Indigenous Youth in Governance and Leadership has been a youth led Registered Charity since 2009.  EIYGL brings together Indigenous youth leaders from across Canada providing important ingredients that builds effective leaders through meaningful skill development. 

EIYGL believes that it’s important that youth leaders (future decision makers) are well educated in traditional community practices and contemporary leadership skills, which include all aspects of capacity building that can be passed on from our Elders, our communities and modern professionals.

EIYGL contributes to the community through volunteerism and provides a dynamic leadership pool of young people in Canada. Members are 15-35 years of age and actively participate in building their leadership capacity and the leadership capacity of others as role models.

EIYGL Activities:

Facilitator Training: Through mentorship, training, and practice youth are offered the experience to facilitate at a professional level.

Speechcraft Club: A (10) week mini-version of toastmasters for youth interested in improving their public speaking skills.

Youth led fundraising events: National book tours with Indigenous authors, leadership luncheons, and raffles to name a few. Youth meet regularly to plan, coordinate, and deliver fundraising events to support youth led leadership projects in the community. 

Get Real Be Real: A program that engages students to tear down walls of separation, break down racial barriers, reduce peer pressure to positive peer pressure, reduce teasing, oppression and all forms of violence. Students identify the hurt created by social oppression and promote healthy emotional expression.

World Indigenous Business Forum: Youth attend annually to be part of an International event behind the scenes with dynamic speakers and delegates. Youth have traveled to New York, Australia, Africa, Hawaii, Guatemala, Chile, and New Zealand.   

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