Empowering Minds

Registered Name: Empowering Minds

Business Number: 812323707RR0001

Empowering Minds is a Calgary-based not for profit that delivers empowerment programs to high schools and youth focused organizations. Launched in 2006, Empowering Minds leadership programs have provided over 10,000 youth with world-class leadership experiences.  Empowering Minds programs are currently active in Calgary and it’s surrounding communities.

Through our programs youth experience learning in a hands-on way. With a focus on inquiry based learning, the programs challenge youth to be more self-aware of and mindful of their relationships. We highlight the importance of self-management, setting and achieving goals and leaving a positive impact on the world around them.

Empowered U Leadership Program

Empowered U focuses on what is already inside you. What you learn is how to tap into those skills and abilities at another level. This training is about experience! Research shows that experienced based training is where real lasting growth can take place.

Over 2 days the program focuses on revealing the potential of youth and advancing them to their next level of leadership. The youth are challenged with a number of experiences and activities that are designed to empower them, improve their confidence, motivation, resiliency, and trust. Empowered U has been life-changing for many students.

ConneX Youth Philanthropy Program

ConneX empowers the 21st century learner to share perspectives, cultures and lived experiences to construct their own points of view and to discover their potential impact as global citizens and leaders.

ConneX is Social Studies 10 supplement where students design, then implement a philanthropy or community impact project. We teach students that, no matter what age, they can create positive change and have impact in our communities. We encourage students to find creative ways to solve social issues and encourage students to focus on active community involvement.         

What People Are Saying

"We have developed a great passion for the program & what it can to to empower teens. The difference in our family is incredible. The coaches had a unique & powerful way to show these kids how to harness the power within themselves. "

— Kim Mahoney, Parent, Empowered U Graduate

"Empowering Minds has instilled in my students a strong sense of personal leadership &a humble confidence that comes from realizing positive individual growth. Graduates of Empowering Minds have gone on to better themselves, their friends, their families, their school and beyond. "

— Educator, Central Memorial High School

"Students have become more responsible, confident & it shows in their daily lives. They believe in themselves, show improvements in school & have become better citizens in their community. Empowering Minds gives students the confidence to reach their full potential and focus on what is important. "

— Educator, John G. Diefenbaker High School

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