Endangered Species Fund of Canada


Business Number: 890325640RR0001

We at Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park believe that all living creatures are significant and must be treated with value and respect.

Our passion, purpose and why we exist, is to provide hope and solutions to ensure the survival of wildlife and endangered species for future generations. This has been our life’s work since 1983.

Through the Endangered Species Fund of Canada, our registered charity, we have been able to support in situ conservation efforts and our breeding programs, thus being part of the worldwide species survival plan.

We aspire to protect and conserve the natural world by offering the public engaging wildlife education programs and experiences with animals to help foster the necessary awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence to live in an environmentally responsible way.

As ambassadors of hope for the people and animals of this planet, we have an obligation and responsibility to ensure a bright future for wildlife and endangered species.

We appreciate your being part of our community. Together we will make difference. 

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