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Our Mission: To ensure the Survival of Endangered Species by supporting the Management of Animals in Zoological Parks worldwide, Public Education and the Conservation of Species in their natural environment. The Endangered Species Fund of Canada operates in conjunction with Jungle Cat World Zoological Park. This unique Wildlife Park allows Visitors to study the animals close-up, offering an intimate view of various Endangered Species.

Animal Keepers and Staff take the time to teach the public about the value of our natural world. Extensive Breeding Programs have successfully reproduced such rare Creatures as Snow Leopards, Ring Tailed Lemurs, Amur Tigers, Spider Monkeys and the most critically endangered feline the Amur Leopard.

 The Endangered Species Fund of Canada helps fund the care of Animals in Zoological Facilties, including the development and improvement of spacious natural habitats, which are needed to sustain a healthy procreating population.  Abundant captive representation is necessary to implement reintroduction projects in the future - the only hope for many Species






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